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margolily meets little botanica

Friday, July 30th, 2010

A sprinkling of collaboration is in the air! After going along to the Oran Mor Say No to Plastic event a few weeks ago and spotting a stall covered with glorious, fresh flowers I got in touch with Little Botanica hoping to have a chat about flowers and headpieces and working together on some pieces in the future some day. I headed out to Kim’s studio in Cambuslang, we had a wee fiddle with a beautiful white rose, some buds and lots of possibilities for the future! Who knows what creative frou frou could come from putting our heads together! Gorgeous flowers and ideas – have a look at the website here:

margolily and velvet boutique

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Lovely Jeda at Velvet Boutique has emailed me some gorgeous photos she has taken for the online shop. You can find all kinds of treats as well as margolily pieces. I’m truly in love with this little hot dog by Showpony right now!

Wheat Warmer Hot Dog - Rufus: A natural hot water bottle.

Here is a peek at one of the margolily photos too! A gorgeous vintage brooch transformed into a feathery headpiece!

margolily inspirations

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Margolily gets inspiration for fancy head pieces from all sorts of places! On the radio recently Grayson Perry said that he “…uses himself as a laboratory in a way, to investigate the world…by listening to feelings about things and then checking them out with people or books or whatever and these send him off in directions that he would never have gone otherwise.” Now a margolily headpiece is not a Grayson Perry pot but sometimes the process is similar! Very often a design comes together whilst muddling fabrics and vintage treasures together. Sometimes a half formed thought bumps into a memory of a drawing, a bird, a feeling or a shape. This fancy piece below came together when planning an outfit for a night out in Glasgow. The dress was silvery grey, a Japanese design with embroidered suede cockerels on the shoulders and hem. Rifling through my feathers I found a cockerels tail feather and began to build the design around the idea of a proud, strutting, head held high kind of a gal! My granny’s jewellery box gifted me a beautiful curved diamante brooch and grey felt Mapplethorpe inspired flower shapes held the design together, bringing a gentle softness to the overall design. Loved so much this design got bolder and braver and became edged in cerise for the truly best dressed rooster in town!

margolily & vintage wedding style

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Pearl, lace, ribbon and ostrich feather vintage style garter

Margolily is stitching up a storm for Scotland’s Exclusive Wedding Event at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall at the end of August! To get in the mood I’ve created this cheeky but stylish garter! Hee Hee!

Margolily has also been making a new friend at Sweet Days and Roses, a bespoke  wedding planning company in Cheshire, specialising in vintage weddings. Janey works closely with clients to design and plan beautiful wedding themes from classic country garden and timeless vintage to stylish contemporary chic.

Have a look at their beautiful website here:

new_pic_02 Bridesmaids Cheshire Weddings