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margolily wedding event

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Wow! I am an excited and sleepy margolily bunny! It has been really lovely to meet so many great and gorgeous brides, friends and families this weekend. My imagination is running wild with ideas for upcoming margolily workshop hen parties … make your very own headpiece or corsage and munch some cake too! Not to mention plans and appointments for bridesmaids and mums … lots of deep purple, cerise pink and turquoise! Yippee and super wow for collecting treasures for the bride to create fabric bouquets, garters and headpieces too! It has been brilliant to hear lots of unique wedding plans … Florida weddings, 1950′s weddings and pretty country rose fabrics!

Looking forward to lots of beautiful new designs and commissions!

Coral & Silk Headpiece by margolily

It has been lovely to meet nearby exhibitors too…

Make Up by Kelsey Delo Donna Hall Photography Love’s Philosophy Bridal Julie Hyslop Designer Jewellery

margolily at Scotland’s Exclusive Wedding Event

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Margolily is delighted to announce that she will be exhibiting at the Scotland’s Exclusive Wedding Event this weekend, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th August 2010 at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Margolily will be at stand 63, near to the hairdressing and make over stands! Come by and visit. A flurry of sewing and designing has been happening over the passed few months getting ready to make my stand look as beautiful as can be. As well as creating some sumptuous new headpieces I have also been working on a gorgeous fabric posy and turning antique trims and bits of jewellery into ribbon headbands. My glamorous helpers are Michelle my beautiful muse and my lovely mum! Look forward to seeing those who can make it over the weekend!

Wild Bride in Ivory Feathers and Net

margolily and Hatwalk heads up!

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Wooha! Coming up with something extravagantly beautiful for Hatwalk! I’ve just been asked to take part in this year’s Hatwalk performance in Edinburgh, super excited and buzzing whilst creating two headpieces, one tiny one and one giant one! Of course indecisive margolily has ended up working on four pieces and now surrounded by Harris Tweed flowers, bright red silk paint, crimson acrylic, turquoise feathers, golden pheasant feathers, pearls, dolls, amber crystals and need to focus!

Hatwalk 2010 (September 10th and September 11th) promises a pilgrimage through time and hats, featuring:

- Designs by top international milliners
- Catwalk performance by over 30 models, actors and dancers
- Schoolchildren’s hats modelled by the young designers themselves
- Major exhibition of students’ and children’s hats
- Beautiful designer hats to buy
- Music, refreshments and FUN!

margolily and world parrot trust

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

I am very pleased to let you know that since the website beginning I have sold my very first turquoise piece. Hannah looked very gorgeous wearing her margolily headpiece, turquoise on blonde is extra good! Look out for a photo in the gallery soon.

I wanted to let you know that turquoise feathers are extra special because after reading the moving account of the Spix’s Macaw by Tony Juniper and The Race to Save the World’s Rarest Bird I felt moved to do something useful and as margolily is greatly inspired by birds, feathers and flight and in memory of the devastatingly beautiful Spix Macaw which is sadly now extinct in the wild, I decided to donate 50% of sales from any turquoise feather pieces to the World Parrot Trust:

Feathers used in designing margolily headpieces are mainly sourced from America as natural shedding or by product (much like a feather pillow) and any native feathers are collected in Scotland by an ornithologist friend.

Turquoise feather piece and sari silk flower

Turquoise feather piece and sari silk flower

margolily learns new tricks

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Spent a few days this week learning how to make silk flowers using traditional french flower making tools with inspiring Dutch milliner Berry Rutjes.

Making silk flowers by hand is a tricky process, involving lots of heat and a tool kit that looks like it might have belonged to a medieval dentist! Incredibly this process creates gorgeously, sculpted flowers in any fabric! We all made such different pieces using silk, organza, velvet, cotton and cord. I’m looking forward to experimenting with some tweed, tartan and hand painted silk and maybe pulling apart some sweetpeas from the garden to see how I can make them as delicately to wear and last in your hair. Look out for some giant roses too! The course was run by Hatwalk Summer School and their Hatwalk event looks like it will be especially magical this year, take a peek: Hatwalk

interview with margolily

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Meet Sara Margolily in UK Handmade online blog magazine…

Some thoughts, history, inspirations, fascinations and a special wee mention to my Granny!