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margolily is feeling the love

Monday, January 31st, 2011

At home margolily feels the love for Greg Banjo, Pearly Pussy Cat and Morley Tiger Cat. Day to day margolily feels the love for sewing on Sundays, Jarvis Cocker on 6Music, salted caramels and piles of unread books and photo albums and a good find in a charity shop and craft night and Kirrie girls and the Arlington Baths…and margolily has a lot of love. Right now though margolily is feeling the love for Glasgow and most especially the creative Glasgow family within! Margolily has been showing her wares at a few events so far this year and here are some of the super cool designers, vintage collectors and boutiques I’ve been encountering along the way…Ok first up for margolily love are Butler and Taylor – the vintage lasses who have amassed gorgeous crockery and chic tableware to bring to your event and also they have very cool hair! More love to E.Y.I.Love who dedicate themselves to finding out everything you love to design your wedding stationery and anything else you think of in their print studio and also they are lovely and love all kinds of ace things themselves! Next love to MeeMee Couture who will design something wild, something gorgeous, something simple, a  wedding gown, disco shorts, this girl rules and also she was wearing an incredible handmade ruffle/shawl/bolero/scarf affair stitched with glow in the dark thread when I met her! Ooh and double love she also has a very cool sister who has the most beautiful traditional tattoos and more than that spent her last cash bucks on margolily feathers! Yass! Last love, like a last Rolo, goes to Jennie Loof, who introduced margolily to also loved Sylvia at Bold Souls, but also skipped out the door wearing margolily feathers, has the most gorgeous range of clothes margolily has seen and is all round super ace and lent margolily her table!  Sharing the love this weekend Margolily will be at Granny Would Be Proud on Sunday 6th Feb at the Hillhead Book Club xx

Margolily Brides & Bold Souls

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

So…a happy and tired Margolily writes to say a huge big thank you to the Glasgow Girls Wedding Guide organisers! What a day we had at Pollokshields Burgh Hall on Sunday…hundreds of lovely brides and wedding guests with gorgeous wedding plans. Here is just a sprinkling of the exciting ideas margolily heard tell …vintage brooch collections turned into wedding day accessories, subtle accents of french navy, bright splashes of coral, art deco styling, veils for day and ornate margolily headpieces for night, Grecian style dresses, stunning feathered affairs and not to forget giant polka dot bows! Some truly inspired commissions to design for margolily!   

A reminder too that for Margolily fans…I’ll be at the Bold Souls Fashion Pop Up Event this Saturday 29th January – Sub Club 1-8pm. Margolily will have some new jungle inspired vintage headpieces on the go along with lots of other fashionista fun and free hairstyling by the Rainbow Room Folks! Coolio, see you there xx

Margolily at Glasgow Girls Wedding Fayre

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Margolily is whipped up into a full feather and fig style froth of excitement this week! Designs and displays are given finishing touches ready for the Glasgow Girls Wedding Guide Fayre this weekend! Come down to the beautiful Pollokshields Burgh Hall and pay Margolily and a host of other gorgeous wedding suppliers a visit. Love’s Philosophy Bridal and Mirror Box photography are just a few of the lovely folks you’ll meet! New suppliers…vintage crockery ladies Butler and Taylor are top of my list to say hello to! There’ll be free champagne and goodie bags, models, make-up, nail and hair trials and all sorts of stunning bridal treats!


Along with feather, jewel and fancy headpieces for brides, bridesmaids and wedding parties…margolily will be displaying vintage garters, heirloom brooch bouquets, tweedy buttonholes, glitzy lace corsages, beautiful inspirations and photos of margolily brides and hen party workshop ideas too! 


Entry is free! Yippee! See you there xx

margolily chateau memories

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

You may have already heard that Camille has announced the end of Che Camille as we know it and who knows how we may come to know it in the future!? A special mention though from Margolily who first feathered her wings at the Chateau with Che Camille back in 2006! Memories of the Chateau…the rainy night I first headed there I imagined myself a Daphne Du Maurier like character creeping into the Jamaica Inn or was it an extra from Zoolander’s Derelict fashion Show? Who cares – Blue Steel people! The Chateau was quite a place and it was the place where Margolily first exhibited any work! Knitted hoods, hats, scarves, shawls and bikinis!

model:Nadine photography:Christoper Anderson bikini:Margolily

Friends posing in a timeless vignette, needles in their hair and woollen treats to keep them warm (and wine to make them do it!) A couple of escaped phantoms recording Margolily knitting needles and along with guitars and loops and skills turning it into loud sounds for models to strut to! Creating knitted nests and getting hold of tons of wool for Kate E Deeming’s Threads piece! Whatever happened at the Chateau gave Margolily the needles, the threads and the thoughts to go for it and make stuff! It all led to feathers and when Che Camille moved to the Saltmarket and installed a crooked tree complete with ravens, Margolily got to work and the feather headpieces you know today began to emerge, at first covered in knitted flowers and later more treasures grew! Money doesn’t grown on trees but Margolily fascinators used to! Perhaps Margolily’s beginners nostalgia led her back to the glorious Fantasie Flowers yesterday and a riot of purchases soon to be perching on my head! Look out!

margolily dreams of carmen miranda

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

 Making the last day before back to proper work last as long as possible today! Headed to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and stunned by this painting by Rachel Ruysch in the 18th Century.

Although the wind and rain lashed our frozen faces more in keeping with icy winter tiaras stitched to giant fur hats and mackintoshes my mind is turning towards some kind of Carmen Miranda meets Rachel Ruysch painting inspired affair for headpieces to launch me towards Spring! Look out for snowdrops…!