margolily gets to know you

One of the very and many cool things about Margolily is working with brides and their wedding parties to create their perfect design, getting to know their style and taste to create a headpiece that suits them perfectly. It means I get to experiment with all kinds of styles for myself…!


Lucky Margolily family and friends get this treatment all the time, but especially in the summer time when weddings are a go go! July and August take Margolily to three very close and special weddings…and knowing the brides so well means knowing who will choose sparkling, rhinestones and bling, who needs a demure, vintage style piece and who will fancy intricate, simplicity to set off their dress! It does mean I’ve seen all the dresses before the big day…though I still need waterproof mascara! Can’t wait to bring you photos from these weddings but in the meantime here is a snap of a stunning headpiece for a dear friend who will be the one to turn heads and carry off seriously stunning style this weekend!



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    love it!

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