Margolily loves Michelle

Michelle  is a runner, a fabulous friend and a gorgeous and talented woman…but she is not a shopper! Thank goodness she had Margolily as her right hand lady available for all bridal shopping expeditions, Prosecco related celebrations and headpiece designer for all the family! (We won’t draw attention to the nightmarish day spent searching for shoes!) 

Margolily went on a glorious hunt for vintage gold jewellery, securing two gorgeous art deco brooches to incorporate into Michelle’s pin curls by lovely hair and make up artist, Aileen. Michelle’s stunning, original 1930′s wedding gown was discovered at wonderful Dragonfly Dress Design.

The wedding and reception were as happy as can be, perfectly the way both Michelle and James wished it and meeting all the Shetlanders and Londoners too was an extra treat! 


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