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margolily murmurations

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Margolily’s mind has been swirling around like a murmuration of starlings! A little pause and reflection at the beginning of the year, time for lists and milestones and ideas ahead. A post on Design Sponge in their biz ladies series got me thinking… ‘We may have to add, drop or alter projects as new realities emerge.’

Olive Feather Headpiece

My new reality has tiny Sadie at its centre. Maternity leave makes for a different kind of time zone and whilst I’ve made and designed a full range of tweedy tartan headpieces for Fabhatrix and a wee box of vintagey treasures for the Shop of Interest and been working on gorgeous nude, gold, teal and jet black bridal commissions…I think Margolily is thinking what do we add, drop or alter?

As well as new headpieces I’ve also been loving embroidering tiny leather Christmas decorations, knitting mindless scarves, cutting things up for prototype shower caps, turning the fabric I printed in the summer into little pincushions, making my gran a mad lavender button bag, using waterproof fabric elephant swirls for anything I can dream up and just generally having a fiddle and doing some new and old crafty bits and pieces.

So where do we go from here? We shall see! Blog stories may get a little more random! We have no laptop at the moment so they are sparse by necessity. I think my folksy shop may get an overhaul and turn into some kind of Margolily glory hole!

Till then…I hope everyone had a gorgeous, happy Christmas time (no matter how long ago it seems!) and here we go for a fabulous, wish filled 2012!