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Margolily Top Hat Top Cat

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Margolily has come over all a blush! Stunning, darling Janis wore her Margolily bridal headpiece all the way to the jacuzzi and showered Margoily with praise! Gorgeous photos and gorgeous words! The beautifully original coat Janis wears was made by Lisa Orr Carr previously of Raw Vintage, spot her in team flower below!

“I hope you enjoy seeing a few photos of your wonderful work; I wore it – very comfortably – all day and all night, in fact it was the last thing to come off eventually when I thought it might get wet in the jacuzzi…!  So it was even worn in there for a few minutes! Thanks again for EVERYTHING; you were totally amazing and really got the essence of what I was looking for. I am truly grateful to you – my whole idea for the outfit began with the thought of a wee top hat and I could never have imagined having one so beautiful.”