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Margolily pauses…

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

Margolily is currently in the midst of a gorgeously indulgent sewing retreat. For margolily headpiece fans and brides of the future this means hold onto your holly hocks…I am not taking on any new orders or commissions for 2013. There are those lucky souls, friends and family, and those with good bribery skills, who will be crowned in margolily style but for others please internet search your hearts out and I hope you have gloriously stylish weddings, parties and frou frou ahead.

In the meantime I will be learning new skills, sewing tiny daughter outfits, stitching all 540 of the Suffolk Puffs I need to make myself an enormous quilt and generally languishing in fabric and threads with projects underway for myself, my nearest and my dearest!

Many thanks for your support,

Sara Margolily xx