margolily…a history

margolily first feathered her wings in the Chateau with Che Camille; knitting fine llama wool shawls and the occasional hand knitted bikini!

A course at the Glasgow School of Art with Holly O’Hara unleashed in margolily a passion for making and designing feather and jewel headpieces and fascinators.

Inspired by art deco design, birds, botany, jelly fish and memories margolily brings to each hand made headpiece beautiful colour and textural intrigue and delight.

Margolily continues to create unique feather and jewel headpieces for weddings, festivals and parties …. or even just swanning around the living room! Full feather and fig!

A History of Events, Boutiques, Press Snippets and Learning

Spring 2010, Enid Reid Flowers – The fabulous women entertain margolily with eccentric tales of Vivienne Westwood and spark an excitement for fresh flower headpieces

Spring 2010, Handmade Heaven, Dundee – The mother of margolily takes her to this design showcase at the very top of Abertay University Union.

Spring 2010, Margolily Workshop – Leading a hen party workshop proves wonderful fun and many of the bridal party wear their handmade pieces to the big day itself!

Spring 2010, The Herald – Margolily crowns Alice and the Queen of Hearts in The Sunday Herald’s fashion story wonderland special.

Spring 2010, Anjali’s Boutique – A chance encounter leads margolily to pop up at Glasgow’s Asian Wedding Show.

Winter 2009, Glasgow Bead Company – Tiara class teaches margolily the wonder of sparkle and jewels.

Winter 2009, Songbird – Margolily goes to theatre darling and designs a bird of paradise piece for the lead role!

Autumn 2009 – Coloured Earth finds margolily and brings her designs to Wales

Spring & Winter 2009, Made in the Shade – Carrie and Clare bring margolily to market and a stint in their winter season boutique at the delightful Maisonette.

Spring 2009 – Margolily joins online shopping heaven Velvet Boutique

Winter 2008 – present, Kakao By K, Edinburgh – A splendid friend and PR extraordinaire takes margolily to dizzying heights in Thistle Street alongside Kakao’s beautiful boutique of cherry picked fashions and designs.

Summer 2008, HatWalk – Felicity Faichney and Fenella Kerr lead margolily to dream big with her designs and a few magic tricks are learned from milliner Ian Bennett.

Summer 2008 – present, Fabhatrix, Edinburgh – Inspiring Fawns Reid finds margolily in a fashion show at Sloans and introduces margolily to her treasure laden shop in the Grassmarket.

Summer 2007 – Spring 2010, Raw Vintage, Glasgow – The Waverley Tearooms plays host to a couple of infamous ‘one glass of wine’ evenings and afternoons, and margolily finds a home at the heart of Raw Vintage complimenting gorgeous vintage and retro designs with Lisa Orr Carr.

Sumer 2007 – Attend Glasgow School of Art short courses in Vintage Accessories, Millinery and Machine Knitting, Ideas take flight….

Autumn 2005 – Summer 2008, Che Camille, The Chateau and The Saltmarket – Creative bone is tickled by Camille. Exhibiting and taking part in fashion shows, collaborating with Kate Deeming for her Threads installation and making some noise with some phantoms, recording sounds of knitting, clickety clack!