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Margolily pauses…

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

Margolily is currently in the midst of a gorgeously indulgent sewing retreat. For margolily headpiece fans and brides of the future this means hold onto your holly hocks…I am not taking on any new orders or commissions for 2013. There are those lucky souls, friends and family, and those with good bribery skills, who will be crowned in margolily style but for others please internet search your hearts out and I hope you have gloriously stylish weddings, parties and frou frou ahead.

In the meantime I will be learning new skills, sewing tiny daughter outfits, stitching all 540 of the Suffolk Puffs I need to make myself an enormous quilt and generally languishing in fabric and threads with projects underway for myself, my nearest and my dearest!

Many thanks for your support,

Sara Margolily xx

Margolily at Kakao by K

Thursday, October 27th, 2011


Soporific musings from the la la land of Margolily and tiny small trail away into the distance…so photos it is folks… margolily headpieces especially designed for Kakao by K in Edinburgh…chic, classic, nudes, pearls and roses xx



Margolily at The Shop of Interest

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

 Margolily is immersed in the world of looking after her brand new, tiny and beautiful daughter so posts, blogs, facebooks and sewing are a little neglected for now! Here is a lazy wee peek at some new pieces especially designed and posted to Glasgow’s super fantastic Shop of Interest before the arrival of my precious bundle!


Stars, origami, fabric fancies, vintage brooches, emerald twists and lucky Shop of Interest!


margoily nesting and high praise

Monday, September 5th, 2011
Step into the soporific world of Margolily…I found a moth asleep in my fabric box and am surrounded by a cloud of lavender as I chase them into hibernating some place other! This might be margolily nesting! The Scottish Cashmere Society suggests a potion of orange peel, thyme, rosemary, lavender and cedar to keep moths at bay…so I’ve been mass producing these little bags made with remnants of curtains and clothes and tucking them into every drawer and box I own!

Also look at these gorgeous photos of Jenny attending a summer wedding in her stunning outfit and Margolily headpiece! Love love love her stylish colour blocking!


Jenny found Margolily at Kakao by K and had these fabulous happy words to say of her Margolily experience…

“I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get my piece made, especially considering I didn’t have much time at all and was on holiday for a week while it was being made. I wasn’t sure if what I was dreaming of was actually possible.  I really liked the fact I could send you pictures of my dress, that helped with explaining colours and style. I absolutely loved my piece and loved wearing it.  It was absolutley exactly what I wanted and I am glad I took your advice and went for the neutral colours, it was without a doubt the best choice.  I thought it was really good value for money especially considering I got to pick exactly how I wanted it – and the brooch and beautiful materials and how quickly you made it. Everyone commented on it and I felt it just added something a little extra and unique to my outfit.”

Wow! Thank you Jenny!


Margolily at Loch Lomond

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Margolily friends were the stars of lots of weddings this Summer! For a bright splash of sunshine and wow here are some photos of lovely and very dear Cate in her margolily headpiece attending a gorgeous wedding at Loch Lomond!

This headpiece was designed in collaboration with Cate and her fashion show of possible outfits! Natural hackle and coque feathers were combined with silky cerise flowers and beaded stamen which margolily mum picked up on her travels in Malaysia!


a vintage wedding for margolily

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Margolily is stunned by these gorgeous photos of Sally, pictured here with her  lovely family! Sally is wearing an ivory feather headpiece with divine vintage details including her own precious blue earrings surrounded by margolily sparkle! This headpiece is extra special, being made in two parts so Sally could easily remove her bird cage veiling for the evening and dancing ahead!


Sally also had these lovely words to say about her margolily experience… “Thanks again for the great job you did on my headpiece – I loved wearing it on the day, and all the guests (well the females at least!) were full of compliments about it. It was so unusual, and helped make me feel like a really unique bride! The experience for me was extremely smooth, and the results exceeded my expectations, and I would certainly hope to use you again – just need an invite to a suitable occasion!” 


margolily gets to know you

Friday, July 29th, 2011

One of the very and many cool things about Margolily is working with brides and their wedding parties to create their perfect design, getting to know their style and taste to create a headpiece that suits them perfectly. It means I get to experiment with all kinds of styles for myself…!


Lucky Margolily family and friends get this treatment all the time, but especially in the summer time when weddings are a go go! July and August take Margolily to three very close and special weddings…and knowing the brides so well means knowing who will choose sparkling, rhinestones and bling, who needs a demure, vintage style piece and who will fancy intricate, simplicity to set off their dress! It does mean I’ve seen all the dresses before the big day…though I still need waterproof mascara! Can’t wait to bring you photos from these weddings but in the meantime here is a snap of a stunning headpiece for a dear friend who will be the one to turn heads and carry off seriously stunning style this weekend!


margolily in red

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

A gorgeous lady in love with bows and splashes of cherry red! A joyous commission for margolily and a wedding filled with compliments for Lynne!


Fabulous red shoes too! And vintage style pin curls! A beautiful outfit for a happy day! xx

margolily treasure hunt

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011


 One of the biggest treats for margolily is all the gorgeous treasures I am lucky enough to work with! Here are some pieces collected by magpie brides for their bouquets and headpieces. Just now I am on the hunt for crystal, pearl and rhinestone vintage jewellery…a weekend ahead of the best kind of shopping and rummaging I think!  I popped in to new place Ruby Tuesday’s Vintage Boutique last week and came away with a perfect gold brooch for a bridal haircomb and also a fandango pair of cherry red high heels for Margolily herself!  Glasgow Vintage and Second Hand shops look out!

margolily is a winner

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

I won a camera! Very excited and now taking photos of everything I see. I will resist splashing exclusive pussy cats in boxes photos everywhere and you can have a peek at some new pieces I’ve been working on for a supremely stylish bridal party. Mother of the bride in mink and pearl alongside her beautiful daughter in lace and new margolily vintage pearl hairpins!

Now back to occasional sewing and cat in box photography xx