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Margolily Top Hat Top Cat

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Margolily has come over all a blush! Stunning, darling Janis wore her Margolily bridal headpiece all the way to the jacuzzi and showered Margoily with praise! Gorgeous photos and gorgeous words! The beautifully original coat Janis wears was made by Lisa Orr Carr previously of Raw Vintage, spot her in team flower below!

“I hope you enjoy seeing a few photos of your wonderful work; I wore it – very comfortably – all day and all night, in fact it was the last thing to come off eventually when I thought it might get wet in the jacuzzi…!  So it was even worn in there for a few minutes! Thanks again for EVERYTHING; you were totally amazing and really got the essence of what I was looking for. I am truly grateful to you – my whole idea for the outfit began with the thought of a wee top hat and I could never have imagined having one so beautiful.”

margolily murmurations

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Margolily’s mind has been swirling around like a murmuration of starlings! A little pause and reflection at the beginning of the year, time for lists and milestones and ideas ahead. A post on Design Sponge in their biz ladies series got me thinking… ‘We may have to add, drop or alter projects as new realities emerge.’

Olive Feather Headpiece

My new reality has tiny Sadie at its centre. Maternity leave makes for a different kind of time zone and whilst I’ve made and designed a full range of tweedy tartan headpieces for Fabhatrix and a wee box of vintagey treasures for the Shop of Interest and been working on gorgeous nude, gold, teal and jet black bridal commissions…I think Margolily is thinking what do we add, drop or alter?

As well as new headpieces I’ve also been loving embroidering tiny leather Christmas decorations, knitting mindless scarves, cutting things up for prototype shower caps, turning the fabric I printed in the summer into little pincushions, making my gran a mad lavender button bag, using waterproof fabric elephant swirls for anything I can dream up and just generally having a fiddle and doing some new and old crafty bits and pieces.

So where do we go from here? We shall see! Blog stories may get a little more random! We have no laptop at the moment so they are sparse by necessity. I think my folksy shop may get an overhaul and turn into some kind of Margolily glory hole!

Till then…I hope everyone had a gorgeous, happy Christmas time (no matter how long ago it seems!) and here we go for a fabulous, wish filled 2012!

margolily heirloom bouquets

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Keren and I met in both sunshine and snow when designing these stunningly rich and decadent pieces based around a precious vintage butterfly brooch belonging to Keren’s family. Keren’s heirloom bouquet and buttonhole designs were gorgeous fun to work on, so much so that I took both bride and bridesmaid fabric shopping with me so we could find the perfect shades of ruby red and duck egg blue as well as create the groom’s stylish white leather and magpie feather buttonhole!  Feast on these glorious and happy wedding photos!

Keren had these lovely words to say of her margolily experience…

“Thank you so much again for taking so much care over our bouquets and buttonhole, they looked absolutely fantastic and I loved them! Woody was so pleased with his buttonhole, so much more his style than a flower and looked great against his suit.” 


Margolily at Kakao by K

Thursday, October 27th, 2011


Soporific musings from the la la land of Margolily and tiny small trail away into the distance…so photos it is folks… margolily headpieces especially designed for Kakao by K in Edinburgh…chic, classic, nudes, pearls and roses xx



Margolily at The Shop of Interest

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

 Margolily is immersed in the world of looking after her brand new, tiny and beautiful daughter so posts, blogs, facebooks and sewing are a little neglected for now! Here is a lazy wee peek at some new pieces especially designed and posted to Glasgow’s super fantastic Shop of Interest before the arrival of my precious bundle!


Stars, origami, fabric fancies, vintage brooches, emerald twists and lucky Shop of Interest!


Margolily loves Michelle

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Michelle  is a runner, a fabulous friend and a gorgeous and talented woman…but she is not a shopper! Thank goodness she had Margolily as her right hand lady available for all bridal shopping expeditions, Prosecco related celebrations and headpiece designer for all the family! (We won’t draw attention to the nightmarish day spent searching for shoes!) 

Margolily went on a glorious hunt for vintage gold jewellery, securing two gorgeous art deco brooches to incorporate into Michelle’s pin curls by lovely hair and make up artist, Aileen. Michelle’s stunning, original 1930′s wedding gown was discovered at wonderful Dragonfly Dress Design.

The wedding and reception were as happy as can be, perfectly the way both Michelle and James wished it and meeting all the Shetlanders and Londoners too was an extra treat! 

Margolily and Family

Monday, September 12th, 2011

The moment sister-in law, Hannah, and her Charlie announced their wedding Margolily hoped for some extra special and sparkley extravagance! Margolily tucked a new idea under her hat and took to decorating the tasty, boozy wedding cake in dusky pink silk roses, crystals, pearls and love hearts!

Margolily also dusted some 1950′s rhinestone sparkle and pearls in Hannah’s hair glimpsed in this gorgeous, happy photo …

 Not forgetting the fascinators for Hannah’s mum and aunties, Margolily decorated each of the Rose sisters too!

Oh love and happy days xx

margoily nesting and high praise

Monday, September 5th, 2011
Step into the soporific world of Margolily…I found a moth asleep in my fabric box and am surrounded by a cloud of lavender as I chase them into hibernating some place other! This might be margolily nesting! The Scottish Cashmere Society suggests a potion of orange peel, thyme, rosemary, lavender and cedar to keep moths at bay…so I’ve been mass producing these little bags made with remnants of curtains and clothes and tucking them into every drawer and box I own!

Also look at these gorgeous photos of Jenny attending a summer wedding in her stunning outfit and Margolily headpiece! Love love love her stylish colour blocking!


Jenny found Margolily at Kakao by K and had these fabulous happy words to say of her Margolily experience…

“I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get my piece made, especially considering I didn’t have much time at all and was on holiday for a week while it was being made. I wasn’t sure if what I was dreaming of was actually possible.  I really liked the fact I could send you pictures of my dress, that helped with explaining colours and style. I absolutely loved my piece and loved wearing it.  It was absolutley exactly what I wanted and I am glad I took your advice and went for the neutral colours, it was without a doubt the best choice.  I thought it was really good value for money especially considering I got to pick exactly how I wanted it – and the brooch and beautiful materials and how quickly you made it. Everyone commented on it and I felt it just added something a little extra and unique to my outfit.”

Wow! Thank you Jenny!


Margolily at Loch Lomond

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Margolily friends were the stars of lots of weddings this Summer! For a bright splash of sunshine and wow here are some photos of lovely and very dear Cate in her margolily headpiece attending a gorgeous wedding at Loch Lomond!

This headpiece was designed in collaboration with Cate and her fashion show of possible outfits! Natural hackle and coque feathers were combined with silky cerise flowers and beaded stamen which margolily mum picked up on her travels in Malaysia!


margolily girlfriends

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Thank goodness for dear and wonderful paparazzi Gemma who snapped these photos! These girls have been my pals since long ago school days and Elaine is the first of us to be married! It was an extra special Margolily delight to design and make her headpiece for her glorious and happy marriage to Mike. This piece was made with couture like Margolily skills, hand sewing oceans of silver sparkles on to a silk organza base designed to echo the details in Elaine’s beautiful dress!

Here too is me beaming and posing in my own Margolily treat which I happily spray painted red to clash with the splashes of leopard print I decided my frock needed!

Yeeha for my girlfriends and not even a long vodka in sight!